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Three-dimensional, web-based venues with rich graphics and personal avatars offer unique opportunities for collaboration, learning and networking. LearningTimes delivers a wide variety of programs & services in the leading 3D “Virtual Worlds.”

LearningTimes production services in 3D include online conferences, one-time events, and collaborative activities in a variety of platforms. We also offer training in building community and unique learning activities that thrive within a virtual world.

Conferences, Communities & Special Events

LearningTimes offers complete online conference and special event production services. We help you choose the correct 3D platform, design the program, train your presenters, and support your participants to ensure a wonderful experience. We produce your programs in immersive worlds like Second Life, Open Sim, Teleplace, Cobalt, and 3DXplorer. We even have experts in World of Warcraft for community-building and special events!

We keep people engaged & moving!

Nothing is more painful to watch than “snoozing avatars”. We specialize in making the best use of the immersive environment for learning experiences that are highly interactive, effective and fun. We always ask ourselves, “Why 3D? Why in real-time?” and make experiences that are becoming of the immersive environment in which they are produced. Below are a few examples of the meaningful projects we are producing in virtual words.

Project: Citywide

3D World Activities

Over 200 special needs students from the renowned “District 75” of the New York City Department of Education — many on the autism spectrum — learn and practice basic life and social skills in a 3D online version of the five boroughs of New York. Following a detailed, standards-based curriculum that LearningTimes helped to develop, students in the Citywide program get jobs, open bank accounts, furnish apartments with roommates, navigate public transportation, and take part in special interest groups and events from laptops in their real-life classroom. They do this while also practicing valuable social interaction skills that are vital to their success in the real world after they leave the public school system.

Project: Stepping into Virtual Worlds

Participants Stepping into Science

Each event in this unique series of online conferences brings over 250 educators into 3D worlds, most of them for the first time. Once inside, attendees take whirlwind interactive tours of 3D projects that are based on particular themes like History, Science, Literature and Health. We explore how the learning within each of these subjects may (or may not) be enhanced by the use of immersive environments.

Project: 3D Online Conference

3D Immersive Avatars Gathering for Session

The use of 3D technology is fast becoming an integral component of many disciplines, including training, education, arts, and health. LearningTimes is producing the first online conferences to bring experts together from all of these fields to explore the latest innovations in 3D technology, share ideas, and explore future growth areas together.

Project: Parent-Teacher Conference Training

Parent-Teacher Conference Tips Series

Few new teachers receive concrete training in how to conduct successful parent-teacher conferences. The New York City Department of Education wanted to provide opportunities for new and early career teaching professionals to practice leading conferences with parents in anticipation of a recent series of parent-teacher meetings. To supplement a podcast series of tips for new teachers produced by LearningTimes, the NYCDOE worked with us to conduct hands-on training in virtual worlds. The experience for new teachers included participating in role plays, observing appropriate body language and use of verbal strategies during scenarios, and setting up classrooms to create safe spaces for meaningful parent-teacher conversations.

Project: Using Virtual Reality for Stakeholder Engagement

Virtual roundtable in 3D World

This online conference produced in association with Public Decisions demonstrated and explored how virtual reality can be used for stakeholder learning, especially when dealing with complicated subjects or problems. Conducted entirely in a virtual world, the one-day event offered participants the chance to experience first-hand the possibilities of hosting stakeholder learning events using virtual reality. The event featured a virtual deliberation, discussions and “field trips” that demonstrated how virtual reality is being used for stakeholder learning today. Learn more …

Workshop: Second Life Facilitation and Design

Second Life Facilitation and Design

LearningTimes frequently offers online workshops on virtual world design and effective facilitation. One such program, produced in association with our partners at Training magazine, immerses participants in the Second Life learning environment through activities and exercises. It explores the basics of Second Life – from learning to communicate, navigate, and present to groups in this 3D online world, to using creative strategies for big learning opportunities.

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