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Grab Their Attention – and Don’t Let it Go

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Well-conceived podcasts are an effective, portable, convenient and intimate way to deliver and produce content, and to build ongoing relationships with your audience. We help you create engaging and compelling recordings and turn them into podcasts that get noticed!

Podcasts give your organization anywhere, anytime flexibility—increasing your reach, extending your online presence and establishing ongoing communication with your community, customers or colleagues, who will subscribe to the podcasts and tune in when and wherever they want.

Podcasts for the New York Transit Museum

LearningTimes has been producing podcasts in audio and video formats for years – since well before they were even known as podcasts. We share our expertise in the form of podcasting consulting, production, hosting and delivery services. We’ll assist with all aspects of the process as needed, from conception to recording to post-production and dissemination. Podcasts can be delivered online, via portable devices like iPods, or even via cell phones.

The end result is a dynamic platform that organizes, promotes and distributes your story and your brand over the Internet.

We Take Care of the Details

LearningTimes oversees your initial podcast development from start to finish, while training your team to produce podcasts independently. Our services include:

  • Creative Process / Topic Focus Guidance

    Screenshot of Sample PodcastWe provide guidance and assistance in the creative process of determining a suitable approach and themes for your podcast series. Together we will determine the best show format, flow and focus for topics, and highlight opportunities for great interviews, engagement, and interactivity, where appropriate.
  • Content Development and Coaching

    Podcast Coaching and GuidanceWe will also help in the development of podcast content, including guidance and review of scripts, ensuring adherence to accepted podcast standards, and offering tips for best fitting the content to the podcast format. We also provide assistance in choosing the proper person to be the “voice” of the podcasts, whether it be a staff member or professional voice talent. When it comes time to rehearse or record, LearningTimes provides voice coaching and direction to the voice talent to ensure that each podcast is produced well.
  • Audio or Video Template and Podcast Production

    Video Podcast TemplateLearningTimes helps develop a custom audio or video template with a look and feel or brand consistent with the current project or exhibition and even assists in identifying a source for theme music. We can help syndicate each series to iTunes and other podcast services, if applicable. We guide and assist in the development of a sustainable podcast format for additional segments/episodes that may be added later.

    As an added service, a LearningTimes producer can work with your staff to record each program, edit the show, integrate it into the custom template we created, and then deploy the show online. We can host each podcast for playback online and downloading to a local computer or portable device, such as an iPod.

  • Professional Studio Recording

    Podcast Recording StudioLearningTimes can record podcasts on-site at your office with professional audio/video equipment. Alternatively, LearningTimes can help arrange recording option in local professional recording studios.
  • Podcast Training for Everyone

    LearningTimes also offers a popular online Certificate Program on Producing Great Podcasts. The program is the recommended choice of Training magazine and has trained hundreds of professionals on becoming expert podcasters.

Sample Podcasts

Get Results. Measure Results.

It’s critical that you know that your podcasts are having an impact. We help you develop a format to delivering podcasts that has a feedback loop built right in. And we know how to get results you can measure.

If you’re not already creating and offering podcasts for people on the go, you may be missing out on a way to make a real impact on your audience and your bottom line.

We are here to help. Give us a call today.

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