Case Study: PublicDecisions

Professional Development Training Organization Embraces 3D Online Conference Model

Online Conference




3D Online Conference Production, Online Instructional Design




Online Conference explores stakeholder engagement in 3D virtual worlds.

PublicDecisions (PD) is a provider of online “live” training, professional development events, and conferences on stakeholder engagement. They employ the latest interactive technology for sharpening the skills and abilities of practitioners worldwide.

Their international community includes professionals in the planning, transportation, and environmental sectors; community health workers and other health professionals; school administrators; librarians; and nonprofit/NGO leaders.


After PD officers had attended an online conference run by LearningTimes using the virtual world of Second Life, they began to explore the possibilities of using 3D worlds like Second Life in the world of Stakeholder Engagement. PM hoped this would (a) reduce the costs for individuals compared to a real-time meeting in a more traditional conference setting, (b) teach practitioners new skills to be used in their Stakeholder Engagement programs/practice, and (c) shine a light on what some are already doing in Second Life that fits under the umbrella of Stakeholder Engagement.

Solution: 3D Online Conference

Virtual roundtable in 3D World

In partnership with PublicDecisions, LearningTimes produced and hosted a day-long conference in Second Life. The day’s events consisted of Group Deliberation, World Café activities, speaker sessions to frame the issues, and field trips to various locations within Second Life that exemplify leading edge opportunities for community learning and engagement.


The “Using Virtual Worlds for Stakeholder Engagement” 3D online conference provided tremendous value to the public engagement community. The conference offered a favorably priced alternative with true global participation in an environment that was a viable online alternative to meeting face-to-face. It explored areas such as exploration, conflict transformation, decision making and collaboration, which are key activities in Stakeholder Engagement.

Client Testimonial

PublicDecisions and LearningTimes

“Partnering with LearningTimes for this event was by far one of the best experiences we’ve ever had,” said Beth Offenbacker, President and Chief Learning Officer at PublicDecisions. “We were continually impressed with the creativity and flexibility of the staff throughout the planning process, and how well attuned they were to our needs every step along the way. Not only do they know the technology in and out, they are highly professional and completely focused on making the event a success all the way around.”

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