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Engage More. Spend Less. Have As Much Fun.

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  1. Engage More People in New and Meaningful Ways
  2. Expand Your Event, Build Your Community, Have Fun!
  3. Produce your Biggest and Best Event – Ever

Online conferences greatly enhance your traditional face-to-face national conference, annual meeting or regional event through interactive webcasts, poster sessions, and unique opportunities for participant collaboration. Move your biggest events online to grow your audience and your revenues.

Bring your audience together with a purpose! Take one day to bring a few important experts to your members or develop a multi-day program with simultaneous session tracks that explore a subject in depth. Your online conference will foster discussion, networking and elicit conversations that go on for months after your event.

Moving Online Is Easy — for Everyone

Online conferences don’t require participants to get on an airplane. They take less time away from work and don’t require expensive hotel room and food expenses.

Organizers reach participants who have never attended events in the past, including international guests. And, best of all, your organization develops new revenue sources from both online conference registration AND related sponsor and exhibitor opportunities.

Our dedicated team offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise in planning, hosting and producing a wide range of events. Together we will create a unique, memorable experience that will also be profitable for your organization.

Building your Conference Together

While each event takes on its own personality, based on your audience and your objectives, you can expect to find these components in every LearningTimes online conference:

Online Conference Website

Online Conference Community

The online conference community and website is the central hub for all interaction surrounding the conference and where the live online events take place. The online community can be used pre- and post-conference and is meant to provide a home for conference marketing, ongoing discussion, networking and connecting with others – in addition to the schedule of actvities taking place during the event itself. The community is capable of integrating most commonly used social and professional networking channels and tools, to maximize your interaction and outreach with your audience.

Smithsonian Online Conference on Problem-Solving

LearningTimes online conference communities create a permission-stratified site so that both attendees and potential attendees can be served from the same web presence. This is very efficient and user-friendly as there is one place both to learn about the conference and participate in it. Commonly selected options offered by LearningTimes include online registration and integrated ecommerce services.

Sample Conference Communities

The Best Live Interactive Webcasts

Screenshot of an Interactive Webcast

LearningTimes events are known worldwide for their emphasis on meaningful and innovative interaction. We produce thousands of engaging and effective live events each year for audiences of 5 to 5000. Our team assists in the instructional design and online training sessions for presenters in a modern online meeting environment that includes voice, video, text-based chat and the sharing of presentation materials like PowerPoint, websites, desktop applications, interactive whiteboard activities, polling and pre-recorded media.

Screenshot of Virtual Graphic Facilitation

Working closely with our expert producers ensures your audience gets the best live experience possible – including techniques, activities, and features not found anywhere else.

Commonly selected webcast options include Closed Captioning (a very important way to provide support for participants in your community who would otherwise not enjoy the full conference experience) and Virtual Graphic Facilitation, whereby a live online illustrator captures key ideas in the form of a unique drawing.

A Virtual Exhibit Hall

Virtual Exhibit Hall

We increase the visibility of your sponsors and improve your participant interactions with exhibitors by implementing a Virtual Exhibit Hall unique to your conference. Your exhibit hall may range from a sponsor directory, to elaborate web “booths” with multimedia capability, to a 3D exhibit space featuring a variety of tools to allow sponsor representatives to interact with conference participants.

Leave the Details to Us

We will guide your online conference from start to finish. By combining the highest levels of event management, with industry-leading technology solutions, we ensure you receive an unmatched ability to brand, configure, and customize your online conference.

LearningTimes has the tools to help promote your conference, and we deliver your event on schedule and on budget with a provable return on investment (ROI).

We Are Here to Help

If you’re not already hosting your conferences online, you are missing out on a way to make a real impact in your community. Let us show you how – today!

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