Renewal, Retooling & Conversations about Learning
The LT Green Room is a podcast for Renewal, Retooling and Conversations about Learning. It is co-hosted by Susan Manning and Dan Balzer and show topics are often drawn from the impressive work being done by members of the LearningTimes community.

What’s in a Name?

In theater, the “green room” is a place where people prepare to go on stage. As an informal lounge, this is where off-stage dialogue occurs, where people test new roles, and where reflection and relaxation fuel the creative work yet to come.

Much of what makes educators and trainers successful is the work that happens behind the scenes. We also have dialogue, role explorations, reflection, and relaxation. For this reason, our virtual Green Room gives listeners (and ourselves) an opportunity to reflect on what they’re doing behind the scene that results in an effective learning experience.

The Co-Hosts

Susan Manning and Dan Balzer

Susan Manning, Ed.D. is a certified master online instructor who proves it every day in the virtual classroom. She teaches instructional design, technology tools and general pedagogy related to online teaching and learning. Disarmingly simple, Susan is known for her responsiveness and personal communication. She coaches, cajoles and nudges others to excellence. Susan poured her expertise into Online Education for Dummies with co-author Kevin Johnson. [Learn more about Susan]

Dan Balzer has worked in a variety of settings that have helped shape him as the quintessential instructional designer. He currently works in a multinational corporation designing and leading online initiatives. Prior to that Dan spent several years in K12 and higher education with new program development, focusing on everything from informational fluency to faculty development. He also spent three years in West Africa learning to teach in a cultural context very different from his own.

LT Green Room Discussions

Thanks to listeners like you, each show generates a great deal of idea and resource sharing — as well as the kind of tangents that spark new episodes. Ongoing conversations centered around each episode are a vital part of the activity inside the free community. Join the conversation and suggest future show topics.

Join Us!

The LT GreenRoom podcast is free and available to anyone. Listen in and share your ideas!

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