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LearningTimes.org is an open community for education, training, museum and library professionals.

Members have free access to a wide range of opportunities to interact and network with peers from across the globe.

Thousands of Your Closest Friends

Nearly ten years after it was created, LearningTimes.org is still a vibrant, rapidly growing gathering place for education-minded colleagues. Countless professionals have made connections through the community over the years leading to collaborations and projects of all kinds. From joint research projects, to new co-taught courses, to merged education technology companies, LearningTimes.org brings all kinds of peers together. Community members who have been active from day one continuously join newcomers in supportive conversation; no one is an outsider.

Free Resources and Free Advice


The LearningTimes.org site is a great place to ask education-minded colleagues advice about virtually anything. Creating a new course and looking for collaborators? Wondering what technologies to keep an eye on? Seeking research studies about education technology? Join or start a discussion at any time.

And with access to free online meeting rooms, virtual member offices, Global Collaboration Grant projects, member podcasts, and a deep archive of webcasts recordings on a range of topics, the LearningTimes.org community is a great place to meet great colleagues and to explore the great content they share.

Home of the LT Green Room Discussions

Ongoing conversations centered around each episode of one of the most popular podcasts on education and technology — the LT Green Room — are a vital part of the activity in LearningTimes.org. Hosted by Susan Manning and Dan Balzer, the LT Green Room draws upon the stories and work of fellow community members in the form of interviews and discussions. Each show generates a great deal of idea and resource sharing — as well as the kind of tangents that spark new episodes.

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