Our Commitment to the Environment

Our squirrels like trees. And the Earth they grow on.

The Environment
Protecting the environment is one of the reasons we do what we do. When thousands of people need not needlessly travel, that keeps pollution of all kinds out of the environment. And as an organization, we also work hard to work “green”.

Our Work Itself

By bringing conferences, events and learning activities online for millions of people over the last decade, we have prevented countless gallons of fossil fuels from entering our environment. We believe in the power and importance of face-to-face gatherings for relationship-building, and hands-on authentic experiences. Much of what happens at in-person events today can happen online. We help groups get more done, more often, with less travel.

Our Organization

We have a number of practices and guidelines designed to keep our commitment to the environment a priority in all we do and for our whole team. Some of our practices include:

  • Commuting and telecommuting: Many staff are permitted to telecommute to avoid unnecessary travel. Many of our employees do their part to help the environment by using public transportation, riding bikes, walking, and taking hybrid cars to work.
  • Recycling: We do our part to eliminate waste via a company-wide recycling program. We currently recycle materials such as aluminum cans, glass, household batteries, paper, and plastic. While we only use paper when absolutely necessary, any paper that we use is 100% recycled.
  • Healthy working environment: We use air purifying equipment throughout our office space, which improves the indoor air quality and the health of our employees. Renovations to our office were made using earth-friendly, renewable materials. We also make sure that our offices are only cleaned with natural and organic cleaning products, which promotes employee health and does not introduce dangerous chemicals into our indoor environment.
  • Reduced energy consumption: We utilize the latest technologies to reduce the amount of electricity we use. Many of the light fixtures in our offices use Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL). CFLs use 50-80% less energy than incandescent light bulbs. We also only use flat screen LCD monitors. LCDs typically use approximately 30% of the power of similar CRTs while reducing eye-strain and heat load.

Event of Interest

Climate Change Online ConferenceWe recently hosted an online conference with the Smithsonian Institution during which curators, researchers and educators shared the latest thinking about climate change, its impact, and what we can all do to mitigate it. We encourage you to review the program and enjoy sessions of interest. The conference recordings, podcasts and resources are freely available.