Global Collaboration Grant Program

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Global Collaboration Grant Program
The LearningTimes Global Collaboration Grants (GCG) provide recipients with special access to a range of free collaborative tools and online communications expertise resident within the LearningTimes community.

The Program

Over the years, we have been proud to provide free support to over one hundred organizations through our Global Collaboration Grant Program. Our board analyzes grant applications throughout the year and makes decisions based on need and impact of the proposed project. Some of the services and tools we are prepared to offer include:

  • access to virtual meeting rooms and virtual classrooms
  • online community environments
  • support and resources to produce online webcasts
  • podcast production and platforms
  • online conference production
  • 3D event space and tools on Squirrel Island in SecondLife

Program Guidelines and Expectations

Activities that our grant program support will meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. The project uses a new or experimental approach to learning or sharing new or timely information with the field.
  2. The project or activity encourages an exchange of ideas among populations who seldom or rarely have opportunity for direct dialogue, across borders, generations, trades or disciplines.
  3. The activity or project supports an underserved community of learners.
  4. The project currently lacks the financial support it needs to be executed, even as a pilot project.
  5. The project is of a set duration.
  6. The activity has a clearly defined and ethical purpose related to learning, communication, community or professional relationship building, collaboration or innovation.
  7. The results of the project will be shared with the community at large. (Recipients are asked to provide periodic summaries of their work and to present their experiences in open online forums.)
  8. The proposed activity promotes understanding of disparate viewpoints and encourages civil and productive discourse that is respectful of all people.

Grant Recipients

Recipients of the Global Collaboration Grant program have come from K-12 and higher education, museums, libraries, non-profit associations, local community groups, online communities of practice, among others. Here are a few selected recipients:

LearningTimes Global Collaboration Grant

Share Your Idea With Us

If we can help, we will! Let us know about your proposed project, the duration of the support needed, and how the results of your work will be shared with a community at large.

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