Event Sponsorship and Underwriting

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Event Sponsorship
We know that organizations sometimes need a little help to get a project or event going. We love to jump in and do what we can to make an exciting activity happen, especially when it helps bring people together in meaningful ways. Tell us about your need and we’ll try to help.

As an organization that works every day to help build community online, we strongly value the importance of supporting others in producing learning events and activities that bring people together — both online and in-person.

Innovation, Exchange, Inclusiveness and Civil Discourse

Activities that we underwrite or sponsor often meet one or more of the following four criteria:

  1. they use an innovative approach to meaningfully bring people together to learn or are focused on the exploration or sharing of innovative ideas or developments in the disciplines they are meant to serve;
  2. the activity encourages an exchange of ideas between disciplines or among populations of people who seldom or rarely have opportunity for direct dialogue;
  3. they support an underserved community of learners; or
  4. they promote understanding of disparate viewpoints and encourage civil and productive discourse.

Recent Support

AAM Professional Development - Sponsored by LearningTimes

Our team and advisory board reviews opportunities to support learning-related events and activities throughout the year, and tries to reply as quickly as possible to requests for assistance. Our support has taken many forms, such as: sponsorship of online and in-person conferences and events; production of live online events; underwriting of technology-enhanced student programs; training for underserved populations; scholarships for participation in learning events; disaster recovery and support; and outreach assistance to share learning opportunities. Examples of some of the organizations we have supported or sponsored recently include:

We Are Here to Help

If you are looking to produce an event or activity and are looking for sponsorship, underwriting, guidance or support, please do not hesitate to let us know how we can help.

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