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What is LearningTimes? The Squirrel Story

LearningTimes produces lively online conferences, events and activities that inspire audiences to participate.

We bring our imagination, experience, and dedication to every project — and we are always creating new ways for real people to share, learn and collaborate.

Your Partner for Online Learning and Events

LearningTimes, LLC is the global leader in creating innovative, interactive online learning solutions. We have produced live online conferences, webcasts, podcasts, and educational programs for more than 400 organizations and associations in technology, publishing, museums, libraries, K – 20 education, government, training and non-profits. Some of the many friends that rely on LearningTimes include the Smithsonian Institution, American Association of Museums, American Library Association, L’Oreal, John Wiley & Sons Publishing, and the New York City Department of Education. LearningTimes is headquartered in New York with offices in San Francisco, London, Calgary and Philadelphia.

What Do we Do?

We have a live and on-demand service offering for virtually every aspect of your online learning and outreach needs:

Why the Squirrel?

The LearningTimes logo (and also our mascot) represents many of our values when it comes to producing online learning experiences. Squirrels think ahead, are sociable, and plant acorns that benefit their whole community. They are also nimble, fun to chase, and have lots of personality — like some of the best online facilitators.

During a webcast that the LearningTimes founder conducted at the turn of the century, a group of college professors were asked to identify a great “learning moment” that they had experienced in their lifetime that had a great impact upon them. One professor offered: “As a college student, chasing squirrels with one of my professors”. We have no idea why that moment in particular was such a memorable learning experience for that person, but it reminds us that the most powerful experiences we have often involve doing spontaneous and unexpected things with other people. And we love when such things can be made possible online. That’s what makes the LearningTimes squirrels tick.

And no, the squirrel still does not have a name. But we are open to suggestions. We also love when people send us their squirrel stories (everyone has one) and photos of squirrels in action around the world. So drop us a line: squirrelstories @ learningtimes.com.

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