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Live webcasts support learning, professional development, public outreach and marketing initiatives. Whether you are setting up a one-time meeting, a product launch, or four-week training course – LearningTimes will help you from start to finish and get you unparalleled results.

All too often we hear people lament the time wasted viewing slow, dull webcasts that offer information that could just as easily have been recorded or worse –- simply sent in an email. LearningTimes always asks, “Why do you need to deliver this information live? Why must everyone take the same hour out of their day to be logged in at the same time?” Once we are convinced “live” is the right solution for you and your audience, we guide you through the production of the best real-time events imaginable.

Engaging, Collaborative and Fun

LearningTimes executive producer Jonathan Finkelstein is a world-renowned webcast designer, facilitator and host. His book, Learning in Real Time, explores all aspects of effective live online experiences.

LearningTimes executive producer Jonathan Finkelstein is a world-renowned webcast designer, facilitator and host. His book, Learning in Real Time, explores all aspects of effective live online experiences.

LearningTimes wrote the book (literally) on the techniques and tools that you need to deliver highly interactive online learning experiences, effective meetings, and productive working sessions in a virtual collaboration space.

With years of experience in webcasting and multimedia presenting, we are here to aid your organization with instructional design, speaker training, and live facilitation. We share the latest advances in creative online production and provide the end-to-end support that ensures everything runs smoothly.

Here are a few recent examples of wonderful events produced by the LearningTimes Team for clients and partners just like you:

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We have also produced thousands of webcasts for audiences of 5 to more than 5,000 utilizing a variety of synchronous and asynchronous tools. We work with your organization to select the most appropriate technology platform for your live and archived session, and produce a session that is of the highest quality.

Webcast with Smithsonian

Our webcast producers facilitate pre-production planning, host presenter training, and guide content preparation. Visuals may include high-end graphics and multimedia, PowerPoint slides that don’t look like PowerPoint slides, interactive surveys, polls, online exercises, and interactive activities.

Webcasts can include live interaction with the audience through two-way VOIP, chat functions, online break-out sessions, audience surveys or polls done in real time (with instant results presented in graphic format), application sharing, and live website tours. Our staff provides online tech support before and during every online session.

Our webcast post-production services include hosting and tracking of archive accesses and the creation of a final report with participant evaluations. Commonly selected service options include:

  • Closed Captioning (CC)
    Closed captioning (CC) is an important way to provide support for participants in the library community who would otherwise not enjoy the full conference experience. Each conference session will be captioned by the professionals at the National Center for Accessible Media at WGBH.
  • Virtual Graphic Facilitation

  • Virtual Graphic Facilitation (VGF)
    LearningTimes provides a live online illustrator who captures key moments, phrases and ideas expressed during your session in the form of a unique drawing. The illustrations unfold in real-time contributing to audience engagement – and the final product consists of a useful visual memento for the participants.
  • Webcast Moderation
    Moderator Hosting Online ConferenceMany of our clients and partners have discovered they are best served by engaging a trained LearningTimes webcast facilitator to host their production. The Smithsonian, American Association of Museums, Wiley Publishing and Tufts University are examples of organizations that develop their webcast theme, secure their speakers, and then focus on outreach and marketing while LearningTimes takes responsibility for producing the live sessions and ensuring that they are exceptional. For every live production hour we will dedicate 4-6 hours to training presenters, creating content (including interactive exercises, images, surveys/polls, web tours, and other multimedia), running rehearsals, and facilitating the live event as the on-air host.
  • Event Site Registration & Hosting

  • Event Site Registration & Hosting
    An optional service includes an end-to-end registration system for reserving a seat for online events, and for marketing interactive webcasts. The registration site becomes the home base for learning about the events, registering for them, finding related materials, and then accessing the recordings after the events take place. LearningTimes will host the event site, providing access to recordings and related materials after each webcast.
  • CSTP - Certified Synchronous Training Professional
  • Training and Certification

    LearningTimes is well-regarded internationally for our top-notch instructor training. In addition to introductory orientations which allow instructors to get started quickly delivering their own events, the LearningTimes “Certified Synchronous Training Professional” (CSTP) training program is always available to professionals who wish to act more independently in producing more engaging and meaningful live online events. Once CSTP-certified by LearningTimes, any subject matter expert can choose to plan, moderate and produce a great webcast event, with LearningTimes’ full production support never more than a click, email or phone call away.

The LearningTimes Difference

With years of experience in webcasting and multimedia presentations, LearningTimes is focused on making sure your engagement goes well. We don’t just provide your organization with software, we come to the table as your partner.

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