Online Conference Production

Our Job is to Make Sure Your Event is Successful.

LearningTimes offers clients complete event management utilizing the latest technologies and a full range of professional services to ensure the success of your online production. The LearningTimes Professional Services Team is here to assist you with project and event management, production, creative projects, and media management.

Pre-event, Live Event, Post-Event

Before Your Event

Planning and Design
  • Event planning kickoff
  • Innovative program design
  • Special program format brainstorming
  • Call for Proposals / Presenters
  • Presenter training sign-up
  • Keynote presenter mentoring
  • Presenter practice rooms
  • Interactivity planning for presenters
  • Instructional design for content
  • Platform selection and training
  • Visual Identity and Graphic Production
  • Event registration
  • E-commerce for fee-based events
  • Website integration
  • Participant pre-flight checks
Event Promotion
  • Hosting of marketing website
  • Event marketing strategy & support
  • Promotional webcast
  • Audio and video postcards
  • Promotional podcast series
  • Social networking strategy
  • Presenter Promotion Kit
  • Outreach partners
  • Sponsorship Packages and Sales Support
  • Online community development
  • Participant reminders

During Your Event

Hosting & Support
  • Event moderators and hosts
  • End-to-end technical support
  • On-site production and support for hybrid events
  • Activity facilitation
  • Participant communication / email series

Special Services

Real-time Session Features
  • Multi-way IP audio and video
  • Integrated phone conferencing
  • Application sharing and whiteboard
  • Real-time polls
  • ADA/Section 508 Accessibility
  • Public, moderated and private text chat
  • Breakout rooms
  • 3D virtual world activities

Other Conference Features
  • Virtual Exhibit Hall
  • Complete session recordings
  • Discussion forums
  • Session handouts
  • Participant directory
  • Blog areas
  • Social media integration

After Your Event

Reports and Follow-up
  • Session recordings and access
  • Attendance reports
  • Closed Captioning transcripts
  • Chat transcripts
  • Virtual graphic facilitation (VGF) illustration
  • Participant follow-up
  • Online community ‘mayoral’ services
  • E-commerce for archived conference
  • Password-protected archive access
  • Participant Evaluations
  • Participant feedback analysis and reports
  • Post-conference debriefing

Project Planning and Event Management

Our Event Producers provide you with design, planning and coordination for your conferences working closely with all key parties both within and outside your organization to make certain all the pieces come together at the right time. Project services include every facet of event management from the initial kick-off meeting to post-event follow-up. Dedicated Event Producers work closely with and help manage all the technical components of your online events. They assist and advise on a variety of topics, including the selection of presentation tools, effective use of graphics, engagement techniques and the coordination of multiple presenters and training.

Creative Services

We will work with you and your marketing team to design your conferences so that they strengthen your brand and deliver an engaging end-user experience. Our creative designs provide customization possibilities, intuitive and flexible navigation and great branding design.

Media Management

LearningTimes cost-effectively implements multimedia communications anywhere at any time to help meet your specific needs. Our team is here to ensure cost-effective performance, scalability, and reliability. Whether live or on-demand, LearningTimes delivers your webcasts and online conferences to a worldwide audience.

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