Using Virtual Reality for Stakeholder Engagement: An Online Conference in Second Life®

PublicDecisions, the Online Academy For Stakeholder Engagement, conducts an online mini-conference on stakeholder engagement in SecondLife. The event is produced by LearningTimes, and co-sponsored by New York Law School, National Issues Forums, Public Agenda, Involve, and The World Café.

Why just talk with stakeholders about environmental management (or any other subject)? Let them experience it!
Conducted entirely in the virtual world Second Life, this conference will allow attendees to experience and explore the possibilities of hosting stakeholder learning events using virtual reality. You’ll participate in presentations, discussions . . . even “field trips.”
You’ll learn:
  • The benefits and drawbacks of working with stakeholders in Second Life, including when it’s appropriate, efficient and effective—and when it’s not
  • How Second Life differs from other technologies used for citizen engagement
  • How Second Life can be used for a range of subject areas, including—but not limited to—environmental management
  • Tips for using Second Life effectively, including how to access existing “islands” or spaces within Second Life’s virtual world and how to create your own space
You don’t need prior experience with Second Life to attend the conference, but you will need to create a Second Life account (it’s free) in order to participate.  An orientation for registrants new to Second Life (and those who want a refresher) will be provided prior to the conference.
July 17, 2009  |   LearningTimes News

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