LearningTimes Announces Availability of Second Annual Museums & Mobile Survey

The 2011 International Museums & Mobile Survey is now open. Building on the success of last year’s survey – which received responses from well over 200 museum institutions from some 20 countries across the globe – this survey continues our exploration of the museum community’s use and ambitions with mobile technology tools.

The 2011 International Museums & Mobile Survey is an international research project that explores the international museum community’s use and ambitions with mobile technology tools. 

Now in its second year, the survey tracks the community’s changing perspective and experiences in this fast evolving field. We had over 230 responses to last year’s survey, and this provided a unique insight into the community’s objectives with mobile guides, the challenges they face in developing and sustaining them, and their vision for the future. It also highlighted differences in opinions between those museums that already used mobile technologies, and those that were just entering the field. 
Museums & Mobile WebsiteWe are seeking to build on these findings in the 2011 survey as well as tracking changes in the community’s objectives, challenges and vision for the future, to that end we’ve added an element exploring audience and the place of mobile technologies within the museum’s offering to visitors. 
The survey is being distributed internationally, it is open to all individuals working in this field, takes about 5 minutes to complete, and (like last year) we’ll be publishing all the findings freely online.
We hope you find it interesting and choose to participate. We look forward to sharing the results! 

The Survey is open to anyone working within mobile technologies and/or the mobile experience for museums. Our definition of museums is inclusive – it covers all types of cultural institution from art gallery to aquarium – and we welcome responses from all members of this community: museum employees, museum contractors/consultants and researchers alike. 
We analyze the anonymised data and publish our findings online. We also make available the raw data to those parties interested in building upon this analysis. Our only condition for the latter is that all further analyses are shared with the community.

At our end, we then use the findings to develop new online professional development opportunities such as the Handheld Online Conference.

The survey is a collaboration between LearningTimes and Pocket-Proof.

September 10, 2010  |   LearningTimes News

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