LearningTimes Produces Podcast Featuring Museum Victoria

Tim Rolfe joins Jonathan Finkelstein of LearningTimes for a discussion of the award-winning Worldwide Animal Viewers, which won a Gold MUSE Award for best “Interpretive Interactive Installations”.

Worldwide Animal Viewers

Worldwide Animal Viewers won a Gold for best “Interpretive Interactive Installations”, a category that recognizes interactive and educational entries that are made up of multiple kiosks or that compose a full gallery installation. Rolfe, who is the Head of MV Studios at Museum Victoria, was interviewed by Jonathan Finkelstein, LearningTimes executive producer Jonathan Finkelstein and the host of MuseumTimes.


Project Background:
Wild: amazing animals in a changing world is a new biodiversity exhibition of over 770 mammal and bird mounts from all over the globe that opened in November 2009 at Melbourne Museum in Victoria, Australia. It was designed to reach a broad general audience, so it was essential to develop an interactive interpretive device that could be used by young and old; short and tall; the techno-enthusiast and the techno-challenged. Adapted from a concept by Professor Jeffrey Shaw, Museum Victoria worked with Megafun Pty Ltd to create the PANORAMIC NAVIGATORS (generic name)—in this context dubbed the “Worldwide Animal Viewers”—a sophisticated but simple and fun to use system for accessing additional information on each and every one of the mounted specimens in the exhibition. 
September 20, 2010  |   LearningTimes News

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