Creative Closed Captioning and Virtual Graphic Facilitation the Subject of New Podcast

Jonathan Finkelstein of LearningTimes joins Susan Manning and Dan Balzer, co-hosts of the LT GreenRoom podcast, to talk
about two creative and important enhancements to the synchronous world of learning online. 

LearningTimes executive producer Jonathan Finkelstein is a world-renowned webcast designer, facilitator and host. His book, Learning in Real Time, explores all aspects of effective live online experiences.In the latest edition of the LT GreenRoom podcast series, executive producer of LearningTimes, Jonathan Finkelstein, explores creative uses of Closed Captioning during real-time online sessions.  He also discusses a unique LearningTimes service called Virtual Graphic Facilitation, which is now being used for live online events with groups like the Smithsonian and Jossey-Bass.

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Check out the complete podcast series and show notes at or on iTunes.
September 14, 2010  |   LearningTimes Press Coverage

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