Emotional Literacy Online Conference

“Building Emotionally Literate Schools” is a unique online professional development program based on the RULER model of emotional literacy developed by Dr. Marc Brackett. 

Please join us live online for “Building Emotionally Literate Schools”, a unique professional development program based on the RULER model of emotional literacy developed by Dr. Marc Brackett. The conference is sponsored by Emotionally Intelligent Schools and New York City Department of Education District 75, and is produced by LearningTimes.
The program will take place entirely over the Internet in two highly interactive 90-minute workshops:
Part 1, ADMINISTRATOR WORKSHOP: November 19th at 3:30 pm EST (New York Time). 
The focus of this first interactive online workshop will be on how emotional literacy skills impact learning, teaching, decision-making, and how administrators can harness the wisdom of emotions to become effective leaders. This session is especially geared towards school administrators. 
Part 2, TEACHER WORKSHOP: December 3rd at 3:30 pm EST (New York Time)
In this follow-up online session for educators, innovative, research-based tools for teachers and other staff will be discussed. Participants will learn about research showing how emotions impact attention, memory, learning, academic and work performance, decision-making, and relationships. They will also learn how leveraging the RULER skills can help them to better manage classrooms, engage students in learning, and become more effective leaders. 
Each event will be recorded and available to participants for 6 months following the conference. For more information please visit: 
The RULER Programs help educators, students, and families to Recognize, Understand, Label, Express, and Regulate emotions effectively in order to make decisions and behave in ways that benefit themselves and their school, family, friends, and community. This event is a great way to learn about the RULER model of emotional literacy, while collaborating with peers and interacting directly with Dr. Brackett. 
November 16, 2009  |   LearningTimes News

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