Califa Presents "The Edgy Librarian" Online Conference Featuring New Library Technologies

Califa, in partnership with InfoPeople, is pleased to be presenting The Edgy Librarian, an online web conference featuring many of the new technologies being used in libraries, and show-and-tell sessions from libraries using those new services.  The event is produced by LearningTimes.

Califa, in partnership with InfoPeople, is pleased to be presenting The Edgy Librarian, an online web conference held on January 20, 2010, featuring many of the new technologies being used in libraries, and show-and-tell sessions from libraries using those new services! 

Sessions will include:

  • A report from the trenches from two libraries in California who have implemented Open Source ILS systems hosted by Lori Ayre
  • A Drupal panel hosted by Laura Solomon featuring libraries in the process of converting their websites to Drupal
  • A session on the InfoQuest collaborative SMS Reference pilot, with participating members, and
  • An update to the Digitization sessions that were held earlier this year.

All of it capped off with a keynote from K.G.Schneider! It is shaping up to be an exciting day, produced by LearningTimes, a company that handles web conferences across the country, with a host of online community features that will make networking, and sharing ideas, a breeze. 

About our Virtual Conference

Attend from Anywhere: Unlike other professional conferences, The Edgy Librarian has no physical venue. Taking place completely over the Web, the conference is wherever you are. Despite its online format, the event is anything but a solitary or static experience. There is no shortage of opportunities to meet peers, share information, expand your professional network, and learn from talented colleagues. Over 95% of participants in other LearningTimes-produced online conferences report that the virtual experience is at least as meaningful and valuable if not more so than attending an offline conference.

Engaging Speakers:

The Edgy Librarian features an incredible line-up of dynamic speakers. all of whom are respected practitioners in the field. During the conference, the presenters not only share insights from their own practice, but facilitate a lively dialogue with a community of participants. The result: a frenzied sharing of practical take-aways that each participant can immediately integrate into their own work, and an instant network of peers that serves as an ongoing resource to all members of the community.

Professional Networking:

Online conferences produced by LearningTimes are known worldwide not only for the richness of their content and the quality of their programs, but also for their warm and very human sensibility. The LearningTimes team strives to create a culture of sharing and produces the conference with an array of tools and events that foster relationship-building with peers and the growth of professional networks. Participants cite the connections they made with others in attendance online as among the most valuable elements of the online conference experience.

Live Interactive Sessions:

The Edgy Librarian Program Committee has crafted a jam-packed day of access to top speakers, great content and exceptional networking opportunities. Participants will hear and interact with workshop leaders and other attendees on topics designed to offer practical strategies for implementing new technologies in their library. Each session will last about 45-50 minutes, and will feature live two-way web-based audio, visuals, and real-life demonstrations of best practices at work.

Full Session Recordings:
All workshops are recorded and posted immediately to the conference community site so that participants unable to attend live or who wish to watch again can experience the sessions when it is most convenient. In addition to the real-time dialogue, some participants may choose to post ideas and questions for the speakers before or after the event in threaded discussion areas, to be addressed live and in the recorded sessions. Access to the session recordings is available for at least six months after the conference. No matter what time zone you are in, you can still enjoy the full conference experience.

Anytime Discussions and Networking:

Produced by LearningTimes, the leader in online conferences for education, the online conference community acts as the hub for the event. Access to fellow participants and great content begin before the conference commences with member introduction areas and topic-based discussion areas. Once the conference is underway, the site takes on a buzz and the frenzied pace of the best offline conferences. Participants meet new contacts and old friends on their way into each online conference session, and engage in the kind of conversations that characterize the best face-to-face gatherings. But it all happens without expensive travel and airport security hassles. The conference community survives the event itself, continuing to act as repository for all the great contact generated during the conference, and a hub for ongoing access to the human network brought together for the conference. Tap into it at any time.

The Califa Library Group is a not for profit membership cooperative serving libraries and information organizations in California. Established in 2004 with LSTA funding from the California State Library, Califa collaborates with members and provides leadership for cooperative negotiations to help ensure that members receive quality information resources. With over 220 members, including most of the public libraries, Califa is the largest library network in California. Califa’s membership includes all sizes and types of libraries – academic, research, public, school, corporate, medical, law, and special. A Board of Directors, elected by and from the membership, governs Califa, which is based in San Mateo, CA with an office in Los Angeles.
January 10, 2010  |   LearningTimes News

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