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Training Manager: Managing the Training Function for Bottom Line Results

With the right practices, any training program can excel performance, while delivering economic benefits. In this certificate program, you’ll find out how by gaining in-depth focus and practical methods on managing the entire scope of your organization’s training.


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This online certificate program starts September 30, 2010. 


Melissa A. Smith, Senior Instructor, VP of Program Development, The Training Clinic

Maria Chilcote, Senior Instructor, VP of Client Development, The Training Clinic 

With the right practices, any training program can accelerate performance while delivering economic benefits… and as a focused and practical manager of a training function, you can lead the charge within your own organization. In this certificate, focus in-depth on effective methods to manage the entire scope of your organization’s training effort. You will examine practical ways, sound techniques, and proven ideas to manage your organization’s training and yield tangible, bottom-line results. 
Certificate Overview:

This certificate program is designed for training managers, training coordinators, and “departments-of-one” who run a training function for an organization or business unit, or those interested in joining their ranks. As part of this session, you’ll receive the Training Manager’s Tool Kit, which contains a Training Department Benchmarking Tool, 100-point Classroom Instructor Skills Inventory, and a Performance Improvement Plan.

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