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MCN Pro Workshop: Social Media Engagement: Defining & Measuring Success

How do you measure & articulate social media success at your museum? This workshop will have the answers!


May 8, 2013


11:30 am - 2:00 pm EDT



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Museums have been actively using social media for years now, yet we continue to struggle with how to measure and articulate success. While numbers like fans and followers are readily available and easiest to report, they reveal little about levels of engagement or how social outreach provides value to the organization and helps to achieve its mission.

This workshop will explore the basics of measuring social engagement, going beyond the numbers and exploring how we can develop more meaningful, goal-oriented measures of engagement, conversation, and learning. How can we learn what truly resonates with audiences in the social space and build upon our successes?

Workshop panelists Sebastian Chan and Jane Finnis will discuss defining goals, tying goals to your institution’s mission, identifying what to measure and how, and communicating success to leadership. A combination of metrics and evaluation tools will be discussed, the challenges associated with interpreting social analytics and producing reports, and how museums are gradually working toward making social success a regular (and less painful) part of their museum’s reporting activities.

Want some free analysis of your data? If you are willing to provide access to your Google Analytics prior to the workshop and are brave enough to face a public analysis of your data, contact info [@] or send a tweet to @danamuses or @sluggernova by May 5.

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