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MCN Pro Workshop: Digital Asset Management Systems for Small-Mid Size Institutions

Join us for a deep dive into Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) products and c ome away with skills to start addressing your own DAMS needs.


June 25, 2013


11:30 am - 2:00 pm EDT



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Museums are creating an ever-expanding universe of digital assets, from images and apps, to internal documents. Digital Asset Management Systems (DAMS) offer museums the potential to rein in their digital assets, collect them, order them, track them and improve their findability and useful longevity.

Regardless of the size of your organization, a DAMS could be a valuable tool. But where to begin? How do you start, and how do you decide what is the right DAMS for your institution’s needs?

This workshop will introduce you to the world of digital asset management, discuss the state of the market of current DAMS products (both open-source and proprietary), and provide you with skills to start addressing your own DAM needs!

Topics to be covered include:

  • DAM definitions – what is a DAMS and how is it (not) like a CMS?
  • Understanding how to deploy a DAMS in your institution – We need a DAMS, now what do we do?
  • Understanding life before a DAMS and after – what it looks like to go through a DAMS implementation.
  • What are the workflow and implementation steps?
  • Example of a DAMS implementation that didn’t work out as expected
  • How DAMS are not one size fit all solutions

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