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Handheld Librarian Online Conference IV

Join us for the fourth online conference in a highly popular series on the use of mobile technology in libraries. More people than ever are using mobile devices for a wide variety of purposes including communication, internet access, text messaging, and entertainment. It is important that libraries provide mobile services as handheld use increases.


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LearningTimes and TAP Information Services


LearningTimes and TAP Information Services invite librarians, library staff, vendors, graduate students, and developers to join us for the Handheld Librarian 4 conference (HHL4). The event will be held on February 23 and 24, 2011 and will feature keynote presentations by digital information pundits Peter Brantley, Jeremy Kemp and Lee Rainey.

Thousands of library and education professionals have participated in previous events – and we hope you will contribute to this ongoing conversation!

Registration is now open with special early bird rates for individuals and groups.

The Handheld Librarian 4 online conference will feature highly interactive, live sessions, as well as recorded content and relevant resources. The Call for Proposals (which is now closed) has attracted a broad range of submissions that highlight current, evolving and future issues in mobile library services. HHL4 will also feature a program track with presentations by graduate library students.

Presentations may include, but are not limited to, the following program tracks: 

  • ebooks 
  • location-based social networking 
  • augmented reality 
  • twitter
  • device and OS trends 
  • QR codes 
  • reference
    mobile trend spotting 
  • mobile technologies impacting society 
  • web/app development best practices
For more information on the conference, go to the conference site at

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